Saffron death?

Weather in Chennai has become too much unusual this time around. The pleasantness that has become a part of Chennai atmosphere has made sure that Cox & Kings take notice. Who knows the city might get the ‘Best Honeymoon spot’ tag very soon if every depression kisses the city on its way.

Bangalore has become total crap (this is a big problem of mine.. I tend to use the same word too often, like Alok of FPS. ) The rape and murder of a call-centre executive has left the cosmopolitan hub shell shocked. My strong feeling is that the entire system needs to be revamped. You can’t allow girls to wander like nocturnes. Not going to help… Equal rights and women’s liberation are all fine. But a man is physically stronger than a woman… always… nature’s stamp… no one can change this. If this issue is not seen seriously and persistently enough, this place we live in is going to turn into a land of rapists.

BJP has touched its pinnacle of insignificance. Party tussles in BJP looks like fight for scale and pencil among II standard kids. Atalji knew for long that too many vying for party power at the same time is not going to help. Yet his charisma seems to have vanished and he’s a mere shadow of himself. The Sanyasin’s outburst and her subsequent expulsion from the party would’ve relieved many a congressman in the Hindi speaking mainland as the Hindutva stranglehold in the OBC belt is sure to get softer. And the fact that none of the ‘Backward Caste champions’ – Kalyan Singh, Govindacharya, Uma Bharathi – is still active brings an irreparable blow to Advani and Co. If you have a video camera, you can execute a sting operation – this is the trend of the day. 6 out of 11 ‘Question for money’ guys are from the BJP. And the fact that all this happened in the backdrop of the BJP MPs raising so much of hue and cry over the Volcker report adds more fire to its wounds. All this notwithstanding, when the PM announced the expulsion of the 11 tainted ‘unparliamentarians’, Advaniji walked out of Lok sabha with his allies, while the party acceded to the same resolution in Rajya Sabha. Clearly a confused lot…


Ram said...

Am also confused while reading this blog, not saying it offensively but mebbe am not able to understand completely what you are saying? Thanks for visiting my blog, keep doing that coz comments encourage me

Anonymous said...

hi Ravi,

Expecting u to update ur blog about your recent Kerala tour.

With love,

meenu akka