An apple everyday...

70 odd days since I had penned into this space… Lots of interesting things already happening in 2006… Everyday I think of writing something. And as usual my laziness takes over. But not today… this ‘Small Wonder’ has made me sit up and scribble some lines…

‘Konjam Nilavu’ has always been THE song. It has got everything. Everything. I had tested my sub-woofer and music system and my Sister’s as well with this particular song. If you cry for ‘effect’, this is the song. I always get ecstatic when I listen to this piece of Rehman. But this time I didn’t. I didn’t know how to react. Speechless I was. Ear phones into my pinna… the other side of the wire connected to iPod video!

When Srikanth plugged those white little buds into my hearing organ some ten months back I decided instantly – ‘this is MY gadget. I’ll buy one soon!’. That was a ‘Mini’. Patni and Hitachi made sure that Sathish smells some Nippon air. I made sure that he gets me one of those amazing small pieces that Apple makes everyday at some plant in China.

iPod 30GB… I’m now holding something that can hold 15000 songs! Thanks Sathish. And thanks Srikanth!

In an era when electronics eclipses its own achievements everyday, there is no place for complacency. If Bose and Sony thought that Music is THEIR sphere, they were wrong. When I read in some issue of BW a year back that iPod won the award for the best gadget design, I was not surprised. Fidelity, the measure of the quality of music, is her forte. The precision of reproduction of every detail in a music clip amazes me. She is robust. I’ve seen Srikanth handle her not so kindheartedly. I’ve even dropped her accidentally once. Function overloading is another noteworthy point. Play, Pause, Stop – you can do all with one press. Volume control, navigation and rewind/forward at the rotation of the dial. Not too many features... yet packaged perfectly. Welcome to the world of hi-fi music.

I’ve not heard ‘Hamma..’ like this before. Rehman is a genius. His orchestration inspires awe in me. And iPod brings the entire thing into your sphere of experience, undistorted. Be it bass levels or surround or the treble, you’ll love it. ‘Fanaa..’ heard though the iPod amplifiers is so different. My latest crush RDB drives me nuts. Rehman hasn’t made such extensive usage of strings till now as he has in RDB. My cochlea likes it more when the source is the bitten apple. Let me tell you ‘Bitten apples are the tastiest!’… “Khoon se kelenge holi…”… ‘Lalkaar’ and ‘Lukka Chuppi’ succeeds in raising every follicle on my skin. Words are not going to do enough justification to this creation. I tell you this is something that needs to be experienced! Simply out of the world! I remember telling Srikanth in typical Mastercard style “There are some things money can’t buy. An iPod - yes. Music - yes. The iPod experience - NO!” To everyone who read this blog I reiterate.. “There are some things money can’t buy…”

“Some dance to remember… some dance to forget…” – Boy those lines are wow! Standing outside our apartment at Nanganallur, Friday evening, street dogs, a Shiva temple and some garbage in front… Hotel California into your ears.. a different experience. I’ve not been particularly drawn towards western but those closing guitar strums makes me jealous. I’ll play those leads in my ‘Givson’ guitar one day!

Desh and Sahana sound sweeter. The Nadam that emanates from Babu’s Mridangam when KR sings Gopalakrishna Bharathi’s ‘Varugalaamo Ayya’ is inexplicable and iPod’s reproduction of the sounds does perfect justification to the artist’s skills. O.S. Arun and his rendition of ‘Baso Morey..’ captivates me and ties me into raptures. When Aruna sings ‘Unnai Allal’, I repeat “iPod.. Unnai Allal vere gathi illai!” Gone are the days when HMV gramaphones and record players (Electric version of the Gramaphone) captured some substandard recordings of stalwarts like M.D.Ramanadhan and Madurai Mani. A black magnetic plate rotates but you hear nothing much out of those amplifiers of HMV. Gone are the days when ‘good-but-not-so-great’ music from Sanyo and Philips tape recorders play Coney magnetic tapes of MS and DKP. Today is the age of digital music – crystal clear music! And iPod is all set to rule this epoch!

Worries, noise, boss and yes the doctor… A half-bitten apple everyday keeps everything away. You are left with ecstasy... full time...