Mummy! :-(

If you are the sort of person who feels that being lean means ‘advantages alone’, stop and read this!

When I had been caught in swarms, many a time I had managed to sneak through, thanks to my built, or the lack of it rather. I kept patting myself ‘Good job. Being lean is great!’ Little did I realise the real troubles that will arise due to this pencil body until my college. That was when I did some serious commuting in trains and buses. I used to board EMUs at Chennai Central, the starting point, making myself cozy for the next two or three stations. When the train reaches Perambur, flocks of office goers and students flood the compartments. The eyes of fatsos get immediately drawn towards seats next to people like us, the ‘torture bearers’!!! For them it is comfort… for us it is … well HELL!!! The next 30 minutes will make you feel as if you could’ve sat on the engine of the train rather than here :-( . If trains are horror movies, buses are real devils!

The main problem with guys with big frames is that they never understand how much of discomfort we small fellas go through. My experiences of suppression are endless. Buses in Chennai come with two seaters and most of the time I get less than half a seat!

But there are fatsos who have a certain delicacy of ‘Bum parking’ while sitting with less fatter people. I was once sitting in the middle seat of a three seater in the office bus.. the window seat belonged to a man who cares a hoot about people sitting next… on my left was a real BIG guy - the biggest I’ve ever seen. And this guy gave me so little discomfort… didn’t know how comfortable he was… I learnt one thing that day ‘there are considerate fatsos also’!

I wouldn’t have wrote this piece but for yet another experience with two biggies (not too big though!) today morning. This was the office bus, more space to sit, more comfort… but not for me!!! I was sitting in one corner of the seat, like a twisted tendril ready to break at any moment. And this Newton, playing inertia games every now and then as our vehicle neared potholes, added to my woes. I was pressurised and squeezed to such an extent that I thought of jumping out. But then, of the two who were repressing me were a PA and a PM!!!!!!!!!

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Lakshmisri said...

Venky, This is what is called as 'Growth'