Filter coffee...

‘Suchi Suprabatham’ kept the eyelids of the occupants at least half-open. The Infy bus was maneuvering along what I would describe as one of the worst affected roads in the city, the culprit being incessant downpours here. Madipakkam, the lake turned-residential area turned-lake was slowly drying up, thanks to some mercy from Varun over the past two days. ‘Chennai Margazhi’ has always been pleasant. Today the sun was looking almost like a moon, only more illumined, what with the heavy mist veiling him every now and then. At 7-7:30 AM, the most happening places are the road-side tea shops. A glass of tea in the right hand…. cigarette, butter biscuit or ‘Dina thandhi’ – depending on taste - in the left… a perfect start for so many here. The IT Highway potholes made sure that motorists accumulate their share of misery for the day.

Suchi started the day with an over exaggerated discourse on how a cup of filter coffee early morning can raise our determination to unsurpassable extents and how one can conquer Mars and stuff… A cup of filter coffee in the morning is heaven, true… but why bring determination and filter coffee together still defies my cranium.

Inspiration can sometimes induce great feelings at the wrong time. I was remembering a Pa. Vijay’s verse my colleague had sent. “Nagam kooda naalukku 0.001 angulam valargiradhu… naam?” (“Even Nails grow 0.001 inch a day… we?”) Inspired I was! Raring to go and devour Java. Nevertheless, I’ve seen all these… flashes... will die out after some time…

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athimbher said...

True. After all, how long the campaign of hatred will last?
BTW, Advani is no more Advaniji, Vajpayee is no more Vajpayeeji and the `jees' are in jittey.
Pitiably, the conformist squadron is a quandary. As far the alumnis of old school of hindutva, new lessons are in store for them.

Parliamentary democracy paves way for caste calculations based on some electoral arithmetic or political chemistry. But then, there is no alternative to it. However, for BJP we have alternatives.