Hindutva hierarchy all set?

After so much of pull and push, it looks like the BJP has finally got its bearings right. While news channels have started making so much of hue and cry on BJP's 'Jadu Ki Jhappi' (Magic Hug) by including the hero Modi into the parliamentary committee, the party is meticulously rejoicing the plausible fruits of the massive restructuring in the ranks. Blow after blow to congress, it looks like 'Destination Delhi' next for the BJP.

Modi has never ceased to amaze me with his sheer political acumen and his election methodology. He has emerged, in less than 5 years, as one of the strongest and the most influential politicians of independent India. Without any ambivalence in his speech and actions, he campaigns for what his party stands for. The victory in Himachal, in my view, should also be attributed to a great extent to the wave that Modi created during the Gujarat polls. When the post-Atalji BJP was starting to look weak, brand 'Moditva' was the best theory Advani and Co found sensible to cling to. And the manner with which he fought every force that opposed him, from the Congress to the RSS to his own party workers, to clinch victory by wielding the most powerful weapon, his personality, speaks volumes of his steel. He knows how to move his coins well. A great advertiser he is, Narendra Bhai has caught the attention of friends and foes alike with catchy terms like 'Desh Gujarat', 'Chappan Ke Chathi' and some cool cyberspacing with his www.narendramodi.in

The party as a whole seems to enjoy the feel good factor that has engulfed it once again. A fair enough restructuring of both thought and people has started yielding benefits. Advani seems to be a lot more composed and convinced of his projection as the Prime Ministerial candidate. A far more convinced Sangh, a pivot as far as party election work is concerned, has started to bridge the distance with the party once again. The uncontrolled hue and cry that media creates about BJP and Hindutva looks like working in the favour of the so-called saffronising. Look at this Rajdeep 'Jittery' Sardesai video from CNN-IBN:


News channels and vernaculars clamour foul on Hindutva as though that is the only deterrent to the progress of this 'secular' nation. Even as leaders like Modi have made the distinction clear more than once with statements like 'BJP can be defeated, not Hindutva', the opposition parties have, at vital situations, found it easy to sell anti-Hindutva as an election mantra. May not work always.

Eloquently powerful media persons like Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose have to realise the fact that the recent BJP victories are more than personality driven wins unlike the NTR-MGR cult and has to, a good extent, be attributed to the fine tuning of ideologies and hierarchy that the BJP is currently undergoing.

My pick from Modi quotes today:

"Kya hum Italy ke beti se Hindutva seekhenge?"

("Should we learn Hindutva from the daughter of Italy?")


VP said...

as usual its un usual. the quote is really superb...
வார்த்தைகள் அழகா அடுக்கி அதற்கு மேல் எண்ணங்கள் வைத்து சரியாக செய்யப்பட்ட சிற்பம் உங்களோட blog.

Barath said...

"fine tuning of ideologies and hierarchy"...what? this man modi and the bjp have been resposible for more deaths than you would be able to count in a year...